While using our credit referral service, many loan borrowers and customers have a number of questions in their minds. Therefore, we have compiled some frequently asked Questions. Just go through it to get the answer to your questions.

Always remember that we don't play any role in the approval/denial of your application for the loan. The credit lenders take decision in this regard based on the information supplied by you.

What is the cost of availing short term loans?

That depends upon the loan amount you are looking for and the lender. In general, higher APRs are applied on short term loans. So, these are expensive loans on an average.

Therefore, you must use the availed money only for meeting sudden financial needs and pay off the loaned amount on the fixed date.

How soon I can get the money?

Generally, you can get the money as soon as one business day. But, it may get delayed on some occasions depending on your bank.

Can people with less than perfect credit scores avail the funds?

Yes, they can if they meet the eligibility criteria set by the credit lender and have capability to pay the loan off in a timely fashion.

If you have more questions, please contact us. One of our representatives will take your questions and will answer you accordingly.

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